The Flying T-Rexs
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We are a casual platoon, but out of necessity some rules have been drawn up:


1. All previous rules can be ignored
2. Play if you can be bothered
3. I cant think of any more rules


Public entries are closed. Leader invitation only, please PM a platoon leader if interested. We are not trying to be exclusive but too many are joining and not playing. All other rules below still apply. Except the maturity one, that does not apply to Chokolat_Thunda :)

Platoon rules:

1. No age limits, looking for a mature attitude tho

2. No limit on rank or stats, anyone can join

3. You must use a headset in game and join party chat when invited

4. No lone wolf stuff, listen to team members and communicate in game

5. When you join add all platoon members to your friends list on Battlelog

6. Send friend request to all platoon leaders on XBL, include [FTRx] in ur request

7. Check battlelog whenever online, if we are looking for a team, please post your availability

8. You must practice or participate in matches at least once every week. After 3 weeks of inactivity you will be kicked.

9. You must not be offended by bad language. You are playing with older gamers.

10. If you have any friends who want to join the games, they must be on battlelog. Post their battlelog name here and we will invite them.

11. When playing for the platoon, make sure to edit your clan tag on your battlelog profile to FTRx


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