04.09.2012 BF3 R.I.P
Tag: [F4IL] Fans: 18 Erstellt: 04.09.2012


Platoon for people who think that this patch is ONE BIG FAIL!. Canister is useless now, still can't choose between RPG and SMAW and REAL knife and potato peeler as promised. PKP buffed while on bipod; more Let's bipod heros. Tank anti-armor shell hits front of IFV dealing 50 damage. BMP does 20 damage to fornt of the tank with basic shells. ATGM hits front of the tank for about 70 damage. GJ! "To first log-in you need to be connected to the web"- Origin problem. How can you log into Battlelog try to join server get such a info and not be connected to web? NICE!


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