Dont wear an empty Tag
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First platoon is full and theres a second one ... hoorraay. So please join this one :

This is a small text so everybody can read it fast and I dont have to write that much..

I created this platoon to make the people think about their tags. There are diffrent reasons to not wear the default tag.
First of all its just BORING to knife the default tags. If you like to knife people you get tons of them and after a while you cant see them anymore.
Next you can show how your playstyle is and what you like to make. For example if you have 10000 Aug kills you can wear the master tag(even if there should be 10000 kill tags^^) You also can show what achievement you've got like 100 jet service stars. Especially if you have a rare tag ... wear it. People wont add you so often to ask for your tag. Thats about it and I hope you liek the idea and share it ^^

Greez Bankai


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