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We are a competitve Hardcore Clan. We play for the win and we play the objective. most importantly we enjoy our time doing it.

Match Results:
RgT vs. CQ+# (Close Quarters Battalion) 5-1 WIN
RgT vs. DEV 2-2 TIE
RgT vs. SIXs 1-5 LOSS
RgT vs. TFW 5-0 WIN
RgT vs. DAM 7-0 WIN
RgT vs. SIXs 0-5 LOSS
RgT vs. EOTD 5-0 WIN
RgT vs. EOTD 2-1 WIN
RgT vs. IDS 2-5 LOSS
RgT vs. Bl4K 2-5 LOSS
RgT vs. SG 3-2 WIN
RgT vs. DiNc 0-5 LOSS
RgT vs. A-Team 1-4 LOSS
RgT vs. SG 5-2 WIN
RgT vs. DiNc 1-5 LOSS
RgT vs. IDS 2-5 LOSS
RgT vs. DiNc 0-2 LOSS
RgT vs. CG 4-3 WIN
RgT vs. CG 4-3 WIN

Overall 9-9-1


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