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This is where it all began:

Hello. If you are here to apply to this awesome platoon experience then please do so. Also make sure to fan us!

I would like to welcome you to The Knights. Anybody can apply and join as long as they have an mic and speak English. Don't worry about your statistics because that will just go up over time. When I first joined this platoon I was probably one of the worst in playing the game, I would be lucky to get an kill, but that all changed when I played some matches with the leaders. I had an great time no matter if won, or lost, and I got better at the game. Soon I was getting 100 kills in games, and I have annoyed the admins a bit with my skill. And to think that an beginner would have to stress so much, but all it took was to play with an team willing to help you. I would have never been as good as I am now with out this platoon. I think the best match was when 4 of us were losing in Conquest by 200 points, the tickets were about 450-230, and we caught up to the objectives and had all flags, after several minutes the tickets were 23-102 with us winning. This is why team work is so important. If you combine an good team who is focused and skilled, then you can win every match you try. So consider applying for The Knights, because you aren't going to have a lot of luck winning anything by YOURSELF.


Our Rules:

- Represent Us Well -
You are a member now, and we expect all of our members to be wearing Sir as their clan tag. While you wear that clan tag, you represent this platoon and everyone in it.

- Be Active -
Being active not only shows that you are a good member, but it also shows that you could be exceptional from the rest of the crowd. We expect our members to check the platoon page often, and try to keep in touch with the leaders.

- Don't Compromise The Brotherhood -
Any intention of making this platoon fail will not be taken lightly. To worsen this platoon through your action would mean a kick.

- Play With Fellow Sirs -
If you are not seeing anyone online, then just add who you can. Make sure to primarily add the leaders, then add some members. Join a fellow Sir's game and play with him/her. This game is always more fun to play with friends.

- Be Able To Communicate In English -
We expect you to have a communication device so you can talk to your fellow Sirs when in-game. Communication is vital to winning in a Battlefield game.

- Learn To Be A Team Player -
Our play-style is to play as a team. This means you have to be a team player. Learning to play as a team player is a recommended option in Battlefield.



UPDATED (7/24/2013)

We have extended the rules in a more explanation wise form.

What we added to the rules:
- Don't Compromise The Brotherhood
- Learn To Be A Team Player

More extensions of the description coming soon.

Clan Schedule-


NAME: Clan Meet Up

WHEN: Saturday, 24, 8:00PM EST

Add Duces0ut_24 on PSN so you can join him.
Allies are allowed to join too.

Click here for Time Zone converter:


Safe Zone:
- Stormer
- REDirishXIII



-[BaD] BaD Company
-[TriK] TehTricks



Q: How do I put my clan tag to [Sir] ?

A: Click your profile on the top right > Click Edit Profile > Scroll To Soldier Setting > Type Sir In Clan Tag > Press Save.


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