Combined War Fighters
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Combined War Fighters is a gaming community based on the BF series and War Thunder.

After restructuring our old multigaming community, and with a co-leader stepping down, a full rull restructure, this including changing name, and website was for the best in the long terms.

We are a multinational community, with nations from England, Norway, Netherlands and much more! And with ages from 16-43! Alltough BF series and War Thunder is our main rosters, we have decided that shall there be interest and potensial for other games, we will add other rosters!

[CWF] Is more a laidback community, we dont require you to be online everyday, but ofcourse total inactivity isnt good either, especially on our forums.

We do demand certain things when it comes to personality, proper behaviour with respect for each member, leader and friends. And we have a zero tollerance for racism and religious disrespect of others. We have a written rule, that we never discuss in public any politics or religion. This is a sore topic for many so should it pop up we go in private chats!

[CWF] is 100% against cheating/hacking! Several of our members are streaming admins at pbbans and shall we get applicants, then we allways check theire name, IP, CD key for any hacks!

In BF4 we are allso setting up a competive team! We have registered ourselves at ESL, and will play some random matches and most likely som leagues/cups.

We are allso allways recruiting, and we can offer you good benefits with membership:

- VIP slots on all servers,
- A website with forum, live chat, private chat and many other features.
- A great friendly atmosphere with loads of fun, especially on our TS3 server!

So feel free to visit our webpage; :)

Thanks you for reading this presentation about us, we hope you liked it, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us! And/or feel free to visit our webpage!


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