Say NO to Stingers!
Tag: [NO] Fans: 45 Erstellt: 05.11.2011


This Platoon is for good Pilots and everyone who is pissed off as much as I am, by People using Stingers. If you think that these Kind of Weapons are noobish and should be removed from the game, join this Platoon.

Please only join if you don't use a FIM-92 Stinger and/or a SA-18 IGLA!

Try to make as many People join as possible, no matter wich platform they play on.
I know, this Platoon won't change anything at DICE's way to balance their game, but at least People can see that we don't count to the bunch of random noobs wich use these Kind of Weapons.

Of course, you DON'T have to use this Clantag. Its just there because there is one needed.

Have a nice day :)


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