The Legion of Honour
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In honore pugnabit simul stabimus
In honour we shall fight, together we shall stand

The Legion of Honour is a platoon to bring players together in support of one cause - to show that the honourable majority of players will stand together in the fight against boosters, cheaters and hackers.

Primarily, boosters are the main point of interest, (as hacking is to be fair, seldom seen on PS3 as far as ive seen), these folks are the ones who litter the leaderboards with thousands upon thousands of nemesis and combat effiency ribbons and medals yet the other ones are disproportionatly low compared, clearly indicating that they are hiding with their mates and killing each other over and over.

The legion will also promote fair and honourable play with all BF players across the board, as this game rewards you for team play and it makes you a better player if you involve yourself with all of what BF has to offer.

So thats a little blurb about what The Legion wishes to promote and act upon.

If you agree sign up or at least fan so people can see that real BF players play with Honour.

T'loh currently recruiting.

Applicants will have their nemesis and combat efficiency ribbons checked primarily as I deem these criteria to be tell tale signs of boosters.
All other medals/ribbons/stats will be checked to make sure everything is in oreder.

If so your application will be welcome>

A team player always prevails!

Ideally we would like more than fans (especially PSN players)

Good Fight



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