Arab Falcons Clan [AF]
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للراغبين بالإنضمام للكلان الرجاء مراسلة الليدر


This is a private Clan (Membership by invite only)
Welcome to the largest, friendship, and most active Clan

Remember ! .. for all [AF] Clan Our Simple Terms is :

1- stick with us by team speak whenever u log in ( battle log )
Our Server in TeamSpeak 3:

2- Remember whenever u are in this Clan u should play as Real squad as Real teammate like helping each other with Reviving and Shooting and covering .. sticking together always .. watching around .. playing by team speak .. and dont ever ignore the others

3- Change the Clan Tag in battlelog to --> [AF]

(( In addition )) :

Our Server in battle log:

our Channel in Youtube:

Thanks for visiting our page, feel free and Relax by joining this Group



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