The Executives
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The Executives code of conduct:
1: Every member must act mature and answer politely to any contact made on any kind of server
2: Respect other platoons even though you know that they are way below the standard of The Executives
3: Never appologize to anyone, but tell them insted to contact our reimbursement department for a refund.
4: Dont aim to get the MVP all the time, even though you can. Remember to make room for the proletarians every now and then.
5: If you loose your suit and style, you loose the ability to be a member of The Executives.

If you see a member that isnt a worthy representative of The Executives, please do not hessitate to enter our teamspeak and tell us.

We are currently at 25+ members, and are looking for competitive CEO's in following games.
- Dota 2 (Very strong Dota team)
- Guild wars 2

Facebook group: