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"Just do your job over and over,.... !!!"

No Glitcher.No Buguser. <--Kick

1st Platoon:
2nd Platoon:
3rd Platoon:

Job ? What the hell does he mean with "job"?

Let me explain this to you:
Many Soldiers in Battlefield 3 don't know their job.
Recons don't use their soflam.
Engineers don't use their javelin.
Supports don't give ammo.
And the worst thing: many Medics don't revive people or play M320 only.

But if you want to win a match with success you need to talk to your mates.

You can type "K" to open the Team-Chat and "L" for Squad-Chat

And the global chat? The global chat is for flamer ... you don't need it and your team mates too.

For example if a mate types something like "Ammo pls" then DO YOUR JOB and give him so much ammo that he can't see the map anymore !

The Same with Medkit,Soflam,jeavlin,.....

Before we come to the classes, let's take a closer look at the maps :

Grand Bazaar Infantry:high

Teheran Highway Infantry:high

Caspian Border Infantry:middle

Seine Crossing Infantry:high

Operation Firestorm Infantry:middle

Damavand Peak Infantry:middle-high

Noshar Canals Infantry:middle-high

Kharg Island Infantry:middle-high

Opertion Metro Infatry:high

====Back to Karkand-Maps(32-64)====

Wake Island Infantry:middle-high

Sharqi Peninsula Infantry:middle-high
Gulf of Oman Infantry:middle

Strike at Karkand Infantry:high

====Close Quarters=====
Only Infantry

Operation 925
Only Infantry

Donya Fortress
Only Infantry

Ziba Tower
Only Infantry

====Armored Kill====
Bandar Desert

Death Valley

Alborz Mountains

Armored Shield

And now let's take a look at the classes of Battlefield 3:

===== Medic =====
Take a good weapon, the medi kit and the defibrillator. On infantry maps you need many medics,
but on vehicle maps the medics aren't so necessary. If you play medic you have to revive your team members (specially attacker at Rush) and give them medkits.
===== Engineer =====
Take a good weapon,jeavlin (if no recon have a soflam take RPG/SMAW) and Repair tool.On infantry maps you don't need them.
But on vehicle maps the engineer has to repair tanks/choppers and attack other tanks from behind(Need 2-3 Shoots),choppers(Need 1 Shoot).

===== Support =====
Take a good weapon and the ammo kit. On infantry maps also take claymores.On vehicle maps C4. Support your team with fire protection (specially at Rush if the bomb is planted).
Give your team ammo if they need it. If you want to play with mortar then please do it on infantry maps (first job: kill other mortars).

===== Recon =====
Take a good Sniper or PDW with you. If possible, also take a surpressed pistol. On infantry maps set your T-UGS on a central position.Same with radio beacon.
On vehicle maps, take the soflam and mark vehicles to support your team(especially the engineers).

Vehicles(No Taxi)

Jet: F-18, Su-35 and F-35 attack first other jets, then choppers and after this they can take care of tanks and infantry!
A-10 and Su-25 first attack other jets, than tanks.

Tank: Attack other Tanks (shoot on their side or back) to support your team. Drive the Tank only wiht engineer to repair it.

Tank Destroyer: Can attack all,it´s a perfect allraound Vehicle,good against vehicle and Infantry.It´s a very fast vehicle.

Attack-Helicopter: At first you shlould attack other Helicopters if your jet pilotes don't do this.Then support your infantry. You should try to fly with a co-pilot.

Scout-Helicopter: Attack tanks and infantry. You should carry one engineer with youso he can repair all the time. Attention: You can die faster then your helicopter.

Mobile Anti-Air: Stay near your base and attack jets and helis. AA is a good against infantry.

Mobile Artillery: It´s a good vehicle for long distance and good against Jet/Helicopter with Anti Air-Missle.But it haven´t good armor.

Gunship: It´s have a good 120mm-Gun and 30mm-Gun,but all have Flares and an AA-Gun,but it can´t shot under the Gunship.

Written by RotBaum
Corrected by Gelbbaum and Conrestor


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