Ghost Busters ZA
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Ghost Busters

Rules of engagement and terms of use

We do not condone to any hacking or cheating whilst playing any game online/offline using the clan tag. Hackers will be barred from the clan if they don't stop. No recruitment's shall be offered a second chance to prove themselves after their hacking or cheating has been confirmed.


We do participate in LAN/Online-gaming events, therefore we are in need of contact information apart from an e-mail address in order to alert members of upcoming clan matches. We will orderly select participants from our list of members to join us in our clan match. Under no circumstances shall there be waited for any member, and we will have reserve players ready. In the event that a reserve player has taken your position in a clan match, will you be put onto the reserve list. No member shall be let down and every member will have a fair chance of proving themselves during game play.

Server Address:
There is no server password.
look for the channel GhostBusters ZA
password: Password is only available to Ghost Busters members

Please join the battlefield 3 section