GSempire 2
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Home of the PS3 GSe Platoon Server!

GSe server rules on official website.

GSempire Platoon 1

GSempire Platoon 2

Recruitment Pages

Battlefield 3 PS3 Master List

This Is Not...
A platoon that requires an exclusive membership. Join as many or as few other platoons as you like (or battlelog allows).
A platoon for sharing your, or other platoon members dirty laundry.

This Is...
A platoon that I started with some former gunslingers and their friends.
A platoon for gamers that want to have fun.
A platoon for gamers without the need for forum involvement.
A platoon for anyone who has played on the GSe Platoon server
A platoon for those that game with me, JamieCharles and my friends.
A platoon for anyone, and everyone, except you!

What happens in GSe, stays in GSe. All conflicts will be handled internally by your admins and parties involved.

**Interested gamers should apply for the platoon. Applicants must be above 20 years of age or have a platoon sponsor.**


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