MMI 2.0
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Do you ever wonder that you want to be part of amazing team? Play and spend time with great guys?
NOW you have a great opportunity to join us! Please apply to join and we´ll contact you as soon as it´s possible or you can contact with some of our leaders! <- All lies, we're not recruiting _-_
"Tämä taistelu hävitään Maalla, Merellä, Ilmassa!"

Scoreboard 2014
W- 3 - 0 [MMI] vs [QD]
T- 1 - 1 [MMI] vs [vG]
W- 2 - 1 [MMI] vs [vG]
W- 2 - 1 [MMI] vs [eN]
w- 2-1 [MMI] vs [Her0]

- GG hyvät mätöt


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