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֎ sometimes we troll around , sometimes we argue ֎
֎ sometimes we call each other noob, sometimes we rage ֎
֎ BUT if u try to step between us or try to annoy one of us... ֎.
֎… we shoot your little ass outta map in a squadilicious way ;) ֎

Gangsta guide made in tijuana mexico :https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ao7_jczjJOo

nobody love us more than us <3

CAUTION: watch your perk, perk-noobs around here !!! xD

Personal presentation of noob members:


♥ Louuuu ♥

► Long time ago she was a cute noob always looking for a helping hand to be safe from the enemies


►but after she trained the basics over and over again with the legendary ballerina


► she finally became a fearless force even the „Top Dogs“ on the field have to respect!!


►aftermath approved by frederico

► furthermore she's the minister of „meeeh“ and suffers from the headless disease!

♦ rimkou ♦

► fulltime student of trolling
► abakan sensei
► uncontested cApSFAiLmaSTerRRR since 2k14
► has a perk allergy
► flags addicted
► can run around like crazy where even speedy gonzales on lsd would get jealous
► can give good tips on routes and siuations just to do exactly the contrary at the next possible moment
► payed 50€ for engraving a pic of LeBron James on his gaming mouse
► also suffers like Lale from the headless disease
► rage hall of famer: rage is his „H“ and it can a) boost his game to a higher lvl or b) lower it. 50/50

his hardest enemy on bf3 is the voice in his head, whispering :


♦ iki ♦

►legendary member of the nioubi tequilla bar
►abakan bazar nightmare
►dirk biggest fan https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CTDfybMUEAAMTOG.jpg
►headless chicken confirmed
►spend more than 1 hour of bf dancing with lotte
►topkek cIKOLATA lover http://www.kolaykektarifi.net/wp-content/uploads/2015/07/kakaolu-top-kek-pratik-tarifi.jpg
►troll pro (rip rim , legid etc)
►bazar madmin biggest friend
►offer regulary tutorial for ladder jump extra kill
►headless chicken (i know already said but the disease is big!!!)
►love spreader of this squad , able to make rim and lou quiet during more than 2 minutes
►fighting for multiaccount guinness book world record with lotte
►from my point of view just the best of us :)


♦ Nine ♦


►1rst mass raper of the gang
►clearly hiding burgers and wine on bazar b flag and sharing with a litlle noobie
http://cdn.acidcow.com/pics/20141212/acid_picdump_27.jpg (oldest pick of nine and lotte)
►karkand infantry rookie of the years 2015
►only member not suffering from headless disease; instead he suffers from the "m16" disease.....:D https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PtsBUEtdLFU
►afk legend , can tell you he join the next serv you pick and disapear during 1 month
►start as cold blood sniper , wake rocks still remember him
►Black ops 1 mlg player
►spend more than one hour with lotte explain her that aiming was important after all :D


Honorable mention !!
Even tho deus isnt part of this platoon, dat islanderinho is part of our gang for sure! So he deserves a personal presentation on our platoon! :)

♦ Deus ♦

►mag.44 sensei
►hs tryhard
►taught wartek how to snipe
►known for traitorism
►backflip artist (according to rumours he makes an backflip after every single kill on bf!!!) https://media.giphy.com/media/t5alekAIcC83m/giphy.gif

►deus after pwning the whole server