Seal Eyes Gay Aim
Tag: [SEGA] Fans: 11 Erstellt: 18.02.2016


Hello Guys, welcome to the official Seal Eyes Gay Aim Platoon. Also known as SEGA.

Rules to join:

» US only
» Never attack alone, u might die
» Never join loosing team, even if its US
» Viper only above 300m, we ask NASA if u got the permission to fly high
» No cheating/glitching/bug using cause you got skillzZ
» If team has all flags baserape like a real sega-pro
» Fair play is for pussys

Minimum kills in Vehicles:

» Viper: 10
» F18: 10
» CRam: 10

RU Vehicles doesnt count cause u should never use them

We dont have a Teamspeak. Just spam ingame chat.

(dont take this Platoon too serious)

Wow they just copied us :3


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