Armored Spearhead
Tag: [ASH] Fans: 3 Erstellt: 04.01.2015


This is for tank drivers/gunners with a least 20 SS with armored vehicles.

The Armored Spearhead is a formation that forms the front of an offensive thrust, concentrating as much firepower at the targets as possible.

We, tank driver and gunner, have the intent to attack the targets working together. We won't camp in the base or somewhere in the hills, we don't use tanks as a taxi, we stay with the tank and repair it when it is necessary, we don't drive away when the gunner is repairing ... We keep our eyes open, cause there can be anti-tank squads in the bushes and rocks everywhere ... we won't fire on air vehicles at long distances, because we know that this will betray our position ....

and if true we are prepared to die in our killing machine.

We highly appreciate if you wear the [ASH] tag in game :)


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