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Hello soldiers!

Welcome to our platoon UKMessy.

UKM is an international group of Friends who plays for fun.


DISCORD Teamspeak

LANGUAGE translator most languages: Choose basic at bottom of page.

::::: SERVER RULES :::::

1. Jets are not allowed, even for the transport.
2. No vehicle stealing from enemy base.
3. No baseattacking and camping in base.
4. Play in squad & don't lock squad.
5.If admin says no helli then helli not permitted until admin allows.
6.Behave nicely, respect other players.
7.If you run back to the base, it is not a baserape.
8.No Fire into or from base.
9.No fire from Red Zone
10.A player gets kick if an admin joined during full server.

Enjoy the game :) ... and remember about the rules, read them before you start to play!

One for all, all for one!

See you in the game :)



  • UKM-SOUTH hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    Another plugin i would be interested in is adaptive server size , which is supposed to be good for populating the server but got to get my head around how it work s , so if anyone understands it let me know
    learsik We had adaptive tickets, ask "iamdeadpixel" about this, he knows how to set it up
    vor 19 Stunden
    UKM-SOUTH just got it working but thanks for reply
    vor 15 Stunden
  • UKM-SOUTH hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    new plugin installed adaptive ticket count. When only 4 payers tickets will be 300 when 6 join tickets will be 350 and so on until 12 is reach then 600 tickets which is the maximum
  • UKM-SOUTH hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    Ok so no feed back and now no fire from red zone is part of rules thanks SOUTH
  • UKM-JEANMARINE hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    Very important! Hello Brothers in Arms of UKM and BF 3, check your weapons load and all your vehicles before playing! Friday 13 September, late evening, all my loadout of weapon and gadgets had disappeared and the loadout of all vehicles was completely modified! Have other players had this problem? Thank you for your attention ;-) ☺
    UKM-OMINARCH Yeah, and it's been a lot of times.
    vor 5 Tagen
    UKM-LURCHER Me too.
    vor 4 Tagen
  • UKM-SOUTH hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    Valid point brought up tonight fire from red zone in or out yes or no
  • UKM-SOUTH hat an die Pinnwand von UKMessy geschrieben:
    Hi Everyone ,nice to see some new members and even admin. It seems that our server is still going strong and we are still trying to improve and gain even more popularity. I believe we can make even more progress so am running this idea for your feedback. I have an issue with punkbuster which I think is not working in the favour of bf3 anymore. Many players that are not cheats including myself have had to buy new accounts because punkbuster has banned them for no reason. I would like to disable on on this server and still have it ranked. We are running an anti cheat pluggin on this server ,apart from that we have admins on all the time and are constantly checking suspect players who get banned accordingly. By turning pb off I think we will attract many more players. I also noticed that one of the top servers has pb turned off and is always full, what do you guys think Thanks South
    23 weitere anzeigen ...
    UKM-SOUTH onarch we are always looking for admins but sometimes players do not realise how east it is via the chat in game to admin and shy away from committing , but again thanks for your input
    vor 1 Woche
    UKM-OMINARCH Thank you. Greetings.
    vor 1 Woche
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