A recap of yesterday's events

For players who were getting kicked yesterday due to corrupt file/memory, this issue was solved yesterday evening and was because of a version mismatch between the updated client and Punkbuster.
We´re monitoring online connectivity over here in Stockholm and feel free to leave your feedback in the comments or in our forum section.

Thank you for understanding and have a great day/evening :)!

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Thats pretty nice to hear
damn it!
HLY SHIT I AM TYPING LOLO!(*&$!*& ^#!#!##!$
Thx for the hard work!!
that punkbuster was really annoyinh, glad its fixed
5th :(
sorry 9th
thats how you all look with your "1st 2nd" etc...
yeah, the disconnect from ea is pretty annoying
Thanks Zh1nt0 for the update!
no all we need is a real pach for better balancing
i keep getting kicked of a pc game for no reason something is wrong
Wat about the patch
Great! But I don't think this (a version mismatch between the updated client and Punkbuster) should happen when you're the updating the biggest MP PC game of this moment.
.servers are laggin worst now! and where's the patch?????
My Bf3 works fine.
woohoo! not that I had any problems, but glad to hear progress
Thanks guys. Despite what Disassembly is saying... working fine here!
What about PB updates? When PB will be able to ban cheaters and not just "monitoring" them?
[quote zh1nt0 said:]we decided that we would perform a little bit of maintenance[/quote] oh, did you princess? so sorry to drag you away from whatever it is you haven't been doing all this time.
remove frag rounds from game entirely please....
Nice work Dice!
though its not to do with this issue, me and a friend have been having issues with switching between maps. seems to be timing out on loading screen. no error appears, just sits on loading for ever......
A recap of yesterday: DICE released a minor patch that doesn't address any of the serious issues that have been plaguing their game since it was released 4 months ago. This, combined with the fact that the last significant patch was released over 2 months ago, resulted in the community flipping the fuck out.
i'm still with the same problem... " Something went wrong (Nan Nan)" http://desmond.imageshack.us/Himg804/scaled.php?server=804&filename=nannan.png&res=medium

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