Feedback on the latest patch (PS3, PC users)

Of course your feedback is something we are looking at and right now we are reproing a lot of issues that have been reported to us. With your increasing suggestions and feedback we can evaluate what changes can go into the next update and also what fits best for a great Battlefield experience.

So in short, keep sending us your feedback, it´s very valuable :).

Happy Friday!

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second ahhah
Love the new map :D
thanks for the patch XD
the next update for the next year?
and the new patch is retarded totally
New Patch is great but suppression is a little to much other than that great job!!!.
Thrid OMG! In all seriousness, Tanks are paperthin :P Everything Else, Quite good so far:) Suppression <3
now the pach for xbox, and u make me so happy
you broke the AA missiles on the jets...
My PS3 freezes a lot more - 4 times in two night post-patch. Maybe three times since October before patch? And I selected Rush mode twice in Quick Match and got put in TDM servers....
Nice patch. Dislike snipers, too much time to aim in 8x, they are useless now. SPECTATOR NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
when does xbox get the patch?
thanks for the new minimap, i really dont wanted to fly Jet with the old Minimap cuz everytime i did fly in trees/poles..
and what about all of us people with Connection time outs.....what is the verdict on that...............................................................................................
please prioritise the black loading screen freeze bug, then ill be happy
the map icons , the command center , now i can see the bullet drop from every weapon,framerate improved :D,the respawn time is shorter and better, etc ......finally i wasn't dissapointed, 29 march BIG DAY in HISTORY for DICE :)) !!!
Thanks for the patch, but the fall damage is still a little messed up. was that not meant to be one of the more major fixes? Also realizing problems with hit detection for the first time.
bored to wait.......
missiles simply does not reach the plane
Tanks maybe a little weak now and the repair tool being slower magnifies this.
Heat seekers are useless now . OMG
suppression seems a little too much, and when your dead and looking at the minimap it's really hard to know if your team is capping a point or enemy team is capping it, it just flashes the same, maybe make it a little clairer so we know if we have too spawn there. also when u die there should be the medic icon on minimap so i know if ill get revived
Patch is ok but still INPUT LAG makes the PS3 experience very frustrating... We still have to play on 576p to be able to aim properly...
Great job, DICE! it just me or the bullets seem to look bigger when you shoot with sniper (I used x12 ballistic scope)? Kinda annoying to watch sniper bullets fly like potatoes. To make it even worse, they won't look better at the distance, still same size.
Suppression effect seems a bit OTT. It was fine before.

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