We’re going to E3 and we’re bringing Close Quarters and Armored Kill!

Daniel_MOHW 6 years ago

Call it E-Triple, Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. We’re going there, and we’re bringing both Close Quarters and Armored Kill in playable form!

This is the crew from DICE who are packing right now to bring the best of Battlefield 3 to the LA Convention Center for one week of gaming goodness.

Don't miss the EA press conference
The E3 showfloor officially opens up on Tuesday June 5th, but Electronic Arts is giving its press conference the day before, Monday June 4th. If you're a Battlefield fan, you don't want to miss the EA press conference at SPIKE TV on Monday, June 4 at 4:00 PM ET/1:00 PM PT or streamed at www.ea.com [ea.com].

Don't miss our daily E3 coverage direct from the show
You can find DICE and EA at booth #1601. If you are staying at home, you can watch the press conference, then tune in to the Battlefield Blog for daily coverage straight from the show.