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Who are we?
Rebel Regiment is a well organized serious gaming clan with members from Europe and the US. We are very different from each other, but when it comes down to gaming we are all on the same side with a common goal. We work as team and that means that annoying 'Lone Wolfs' have no place in our clan. We achieve good teamwork with the implementation of 'chain of command'. In game we will assign a commander, Squad leaders, Fire team leaders and grunts. This means everybody in our clan is able to give and or follow orders. If you're new to Battlefield and are willing to learn, we will help you identify your strengths and make you an important part in our well oiled machine.

Rebel Regiment is a clan that started with the release of BFBC2. At our peak we had over one hundred members. After one and a half years of playing BC2 a few members lost interest in BC2, while many are taking some 'R&R' and are preparing for BF3. We are used to playing full 16 v 16 scrims every other week, against other clans, of which we have a long standing mutual respect and competitive relationship with. Many members are Battlefield Veterans going way back to the original Battlefield that started it all.

What do we have to offer
We offer a gaming environment where every member is a team player. After basic training, where you will be taught to work as team, we will give you advanced training courses for armour, aircraft, and infantry to make you a better gamer. We will be setting up two 64 player servers at launch: One based in the UK and one in the US.

What are we looking for
The past has shown us that our philosophy about having fun in games is not shared by everyone. So before signing up make sure you posses the qualities listed below:
- A working microphone (if the sound is crap you will be requested to get a new one).
- A working version of TeamSpeak 3.
- You are a team player and able to work in a team.
- Ability to lead and/or follow.
- Take no offence to offensive language.
- 18 years or older.
- Be an active forum user.
- No hacks or cheats allowed.

Opportunities (If you have what it takes)
- There will be weekly matches, training sessions and tournaments.
- Squad leaders to lead squads into battle.
- Organize events, assist in training course design and forum work.
- Instruct others members in the proper use of their skills through various training courses. Be a Basic Training drill instructor if you have the intestinal fortitude and authoritative demeanour.
- Grunts who want to play the game in an organized fashion, scrim against other clans and participate in tournaments.

How to join us
- Join the TeamSpeak server and one of our members will take you through recruitment procedure.
- Join our forums after you are recruited to get full forum access and introduce yourself to other members.

TeamSpeak info:
Password: rebel1


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