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I would like to thanks everyone for their support, but I feel the Pure Bedlam clan is now over.

We have been going since Bad Company 2, before that we were the Tards & have a lot of fun along the way but recently for me anyway it has become one headache after another.

I would like to make a special thanks to both of my admins - Pure & Mwolf, without their support Pure Bedlam wouldn't be the success it was.

In the coming weeks the Pure Bedlam clan may open up under a different name, we will still have the same rules ect, but a different name and possible forum and website.

There is still the issue of the servers & who will control them, I know people have donated since we took out the new lease, if you aren't happy enough to wait a week or two until we see how this plays out i will happily reimburse you of any funds.

For the time being Teamspeak and the servers will stay online with the current admins.

Again thanks very much to everyone it really has been a blast.

Good bye and good hunting


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