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|BoW| Members Rules And Guidelines

Brothers of war, is a group of friends. We play to get better and we play to have fun. We excel because we know each other, we are a team, we know each others skills and weaknesses. We are a brotherhood. Unbreakable, unmatched, undefeatable…

|BoW| members first and foremost do not cheat at multiplayer online games, neither for fun or as a joke, with a friend or even knowing someone who does...period. If you are caught cheating/hacking/glitching you will be banned and made fun of for a long time. We will constantly strive to keep our integrity and win the respect of other players and teams, we will not talk trash and or bash/deface anyone ever. We will not randomly and publicly accuse someone of cheating without solid proof. Any |BoW| admin that bans, kicks out of anger or lacks a legitimate reason for doing so will loose all admin privileges for an undetermined amount of time if at all.

Having said that, |BoW| members are expected to basicly be cool. Internal disputes are to be discussed internally not in public. As hard as it is sometimes we are to be respectful to the public players, always attempting to make "well thought out" decisions when it comes to banning and or booting. |BoW| members are all equal, although there is a "council" in place to make sure the server is managed and paid for, disputes are settled and guidelines looked after. Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated, on Teamspeak or otherwise. Language on Teamspeak can be "adult" type language but try to keep the excessive use of the harsh words to a minimum as some players use speakers and you can be heard throughout his/her home. Racial comments/jokes are frowned upon as well.

Recruiting will be done with a sponsorship and a two-three week training method. You can sponsor a friend/player for |BoW| by having them register and post in the "recruiting" section in the forums. Follow up with a response to that post with your sponsorship of that person. If that person is elected into training then it is up to the clan and ultimately the squad leader/council to upgrade him/her to a full member. Please do the team a favor and make sure your trainee knows how to use Teamspeak, MSN and Xfire. Preferably knows how to play the game and has been hanging out with the clan for at least a few weeks on Teamspeak and in the game. All of this makes it much easier to recruit your pal.

If a player is absent from playing, or communication with all squad players for more than 2 weeks without notification, they will be put on the AWOL list for an additional 1 week. If by then they do not show up or make communication with the squad they will be have a Court Martial, in which the Council will decide whether to extradite them from |BoW| or to keep them on the AWOL list for an additional week. These rules are more like stern guidelines, we all lose our temper, say things we don't mean. Small random indirections will be overlooked as much as possible. 2012 will be an excellent year for |BoW| and BF3. Lets all enjoy it and kick some ass!~


|BoW| Council

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