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[MAD] = Mutually Assured Destruction

Welcome Soldier!

This division of the [MAD] Clan is for people in New Zealand & Australia,If you are thinking of joining us you
must be willing and able to play as part of the team be it for fun in public servers or in our more
serious scrim platoon ,
(this division is where you prove yourself for scrim platoon) so if you are sick of playing with
noobs or maybe your just over where your at and you're looking for some MAD team players
who PTFO and strive to win at all costs (without cheating).Then Apply to join Add Snafu-NZ &/or
nunsta here on battlelog,PSN & we will check out your player A.S.A.P.

When invited please go to your edit profile enter MAD in clan tag and click save at the bottom
If you join you MUST!

To all who read this don't forget to become a fan of MAD we appreciate your support,

PADDERS/BOOSTERS NEED NOT APPLY Simply because you suck!

We are currently invite only,so if you truly want to become a member of (MAD) you must not be in any more then two clans and before applying fan our platoon and have no tags as when we invite you in we would like you to wear our tags. as it state above its a must and members will be removed if seen with other tags

SCRIM Platoon:

Official Website/Forum:

Clans total combined stats link

★Ally Clans:
[LGc] L3G4CY [AUS]
[FIG] Fu#k Im Good

★Scrim Platoon Results

01/07/12 MAD vs IMBA 2-1 WIN
06/07/12 MAD vs GSD 1-2 LOSS
14/07/12 MAD vs 666 3-2 WIN
22/07/12 MAD vs TOA 3-0 WIN
11/08/12 MAD vs ToG 4-0 WIN
19/08/12 MAD vs NZ 3-0 WIN
26/08/12 MAD vs FAT 3-0 WIN
16/09/12 MAD vs IMBA 1-2 LOSS
16/09/12 MAD vs ATS 3-0 WIN (6a Ladder)
22/09/12 MAD vs KpG 3-0 WIN
23/09/12 MAD vs KwP 3-0 WIN
28/09/12 MAD vs LVN 3-0 WIN
29/09/12 MAD vs STAB 3-0 WIN
30/09/12 MAD vs CORP 3-0 WIN
13/10/12 MAD vs AFM 3-0 WIN
14/10/12 MAD vs LGc 1-2 LOSS
28/10/12 MAD vs xULx 3-0 WIN(6a ladder)
03/11/12 MAD vs PSA 3-0 WIN (6a ladder)
16/12/12 MAD vs GSD 3-0 WIN
26/04/13 MAD vs EzCo 3-0 WIN
24/05/13 MAD vs LOCQ 0-3 LOSS
31/05/13 MAD vs WOLF 3-0 WIN
22/06/13 MAD vs BBF 2-1 WIN

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