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Valor is only excepting new members with KDR over 2.0 and SPM over 700.


VALOR [VaLR], founded by Dark__Falcon, first introduced the deadly beast-attacking mode (CODENAME: OP FXCKYOX) to BF3 community – the final draft patented by CRAK_BABY69. We have been notorious about dominant game play style against other players since it was established, ensuring no single enemy is being left behind us. This strategy encouraged many hostile soldiers to shortly build their own clan to challenge us. According to clan market analysis from BCG, the clan number was exponentially grown as far as VaLR was replacing the record number of spawn raping. We are proud of ourselves revitalizing BF3 community in that sense.

We are gentle only if there is no enemy left to kill. Since our major mission is to push enemies to the end of their camping line and completely eliminate any single role-changed sniper in our sight, it is unavoidable for VaLR to visit enemy’s spawn every game. When you are uncomfortable to stay in subway cave with over 1000 tickets, please don’t hesitate to ask Dark__Falcon to kick some of VaLR players. Otherwise, they won’t stop killing you hiding.

However, our clan has a strong sense of integrity with BF3 community. We aim to raise the expectation bar in the community. Our playing style has rapidly become a major trend copied by other clans and players as their bible. Despite the true fact, we are generous enough to release our hidden recipe without any compensation. It is aligned with our “Love your neighborhood” mission statement. We are also changing supply chain rule by exporting our soldiers to other clans on a contract basis. The market demand incredibly surged into our sales department. Therefore, our soldiers are already fully booked up till year 2014. We apologize that we are not currently accepting any deploying request from your clan.

Regardless of our phenomenal growth, VaLR still opens door to recruiting market for the future growth. Because of the economic turnaround, we are aggressively looking for somebody to clean the shit on the hot fry fan. If you are surely ready to defuse bomb as frags and mortar are poured on your head, you have the right heart of VaLR. We are not looking for a statistician who always trusts the number. We are looking for a solider who always trusts your teammate in combat. Yes, that is all about VaLR.




- Skills

1) Stats will be considered

2) For professional sniper, prove with your longest headshot and a number of stars with any particular sniper rifle.

3) For professional supporter, prove with your C4 and claymore kills, or any machine gun you like.

4) For professional engineer, prove with M4A1, tank, chopper kills, and vehicle destroys.

5) For professional assault, prove you are the beast. You should be qualified from CRACK_BABY69.

6) For jet pilot, prove with jet kills and stars.

7) If you are not one of those, you are still welcome to join. We expect you to be a monster in a month while playing with us.

- Behavior

1) Ensure you build trust among teammates and don’t break teamwork.

2) Provide your perk in harmony with your squad.

3) Help your teammate first (revive, supply ammo, throw first aid, repair vehicle) after you swept your enemy in your sight.

4) Don’t be involved with hate mails. If you have a hate mail, you already became a beast. Give haters a lollipop if they consistently cry.

5) Watch your words always. You are representing the world best clan.

6) Using Mic. is optional.

7) Be creative. Your new beast tatic will become a new standard.


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