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Infamy Gaming is a 13 year old organization that just doesn't know when to quit. The clan is steadily growing and has not faltered in the many years we have been around. We are recruiting 18+ USA or UK Players.. Right now we are doing a full blown recruitment drive for BF3. We have a strong structure built in this organization and are looking for members that can bring something new to the table. Currently we have 4 public divisions to include BF3, LoL, GW2, and D3. There is no question when it comes to choosing us to be your future home. We are always doing something to give back to the player, the community and most recently kids who are in need (charities) We have plenty of streaming channels setup for the players to show their stuff to the public, YouTube, twitter, Facebook, on top of some very active forums.

Some of our social networking information
Our primary twitch TV.

The Infamy Gaming TeamSpeak

If you would like to chat please get with one of my recruitment officers or myself on battlelog.

Requirements to join are as follows

1. 18 years old
2. Mature with a good attitude / sense of humor
3. Is active (we do not want people to show up for a week then take a leave of absence)
4. There will be a trial period we will not recruit you officially until this trial period is over.
5. You must stay active in the forums during this trial period.
6. You must be able to use voice communication (TeamSpeak) while playing.

If you think you can handle all of these small requirements, maintain a professional attitude, and have fun fragging with us by all means submit an application on our forums!

Thanks and Hope to see you soon. | Noshahr Canals & Kharg Island | 24/7 AfterMath | Hi Tix | NO LAG

We are currently recruiting please visit


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