West Side Thugs
Tag: [WST] Fans: 48 Created: 2011-11-09

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WHO WE ARE - we are WST (West Side Thugs) since 2008

Weed Smoking Thieves - please note you don't have to be a thugged out weed smoking crim to join wst u just gotta b down with NO plans No stagies just turn up in your face all guns blazing,

WE STAND TOGETHER - if you in this platoon you really should be playing with one another,

WE STAND TALL - a man can nva be truly defeated unless he quits, if you ant brave enough to swap teams n play a hard fight or you drop out because your losing then im not interested plz carry on n find another platoon because this 1 ant 4,

Wont Stack Teams - im tired of every clan team stacking there servers, its childish n id rather lose nxt to good ppl than win every game with cheating low handed tactics, this is a honer clan not a stat clan, if you play purely 4 stats keep looking

Worlds Sexiest Team - you better believe we are, you after non stop challenging n' rewarding game play, you like to make admins mad, you want to die nxt to gd friends who gnna die with you n not run away, add me n lets kill these fools in the name of WST

if you need help to obtain anything let me know and i will help

WeST 4 Life fool, what you reaping ??


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