Raging Angry Rebels
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Platoon Presentation

Dominate the battle with RAR.
We are a growing, multinational clan that works together to defeat the competition.
Rebels strive to be the best in the aspects of teamwork, tactics & attitude!

Application requirements for RAR:

Minimum entry level stats
SPM: 400
K/D: 1.50

-Must be mature
-Be respectful to teammates
-Must have a working headset, or at least be able to hear teammates
-Must speak English
-Put the team ahead of yourself


You must use the [RAR] tag at all times!
Please remember to add each other on PSN so there are always other members to join.
Check Battlelog regularly for updates & be active in the platoon forum.
If you need any help ask a leader (MEX, JANNE, BLAZE).
Always recruit quality members.
We play normal modes, not hardcore.
If you end up on the opposite team, make sure to switch teams if there is room. If you are unable to,
either wait for a spot or back out and you will be invited when there is room.
Be smart and play to win!

thanks. . . RAGE_69_ & The Team

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