Elite Mortals
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Platoon Presentation

Hey guys, welcome to the Elite Mortals. E-M are always looking for new members but we dont allow any old yobbo who think they can kill anything and everything thats walks within their gun sight, thats for hill billies, rambo wannabes and CoD n00bs! So what does it take to be an Elite Mortal?

1 - Team Work!!! All E-M members work together in the battlefield to turn the tide of combat! We dont mind you running off and doing your own thing time to time, but working together is always essential.

2 - Communication. Got a mic? GOOD! then use it to tell team mates of situations or problems..... Not got a mic? Buy one and come back soon :)

3 - GSOH. Here at EM we like to talk about random crap and goings on inside and outside the battlefield as we all enjoy been friends

4 - 18+......... We tend to get annoyed quite alot and often swear alot with it, so kiddies!!! dont think about asking to join..... i dont want your mothers sending me angry messages about how their child got kicked out of school because he called his teacher a f**king d**k eating f**k face w****r

4 - Be an Elite! Its in the name (duh!) If your new to the platoon but crap at the game.... NO WORRIES! We can provide you with training how to become an elite fighting warrior but do not worry if you still end up been killed alot, we are mortal after all lol

5 - Show the world your pride! If your in the platoon then we kindly ask that your wear the tag accordingly, its not that much to ask for is it?

Well that about wraps it up, we hope you enjoy been in the platoon and have as much fun as we all do. See you on the battlefield

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