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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the Colony. If you're looking for somewhere to play and have fun without the drama you've come to the right place. We are not trying to break any records, we are not trying to just recruit the best in the world; we are a clan of players that enjoy playing the game for the sheer enjoyment of winning and building friendships. We have fun, communicate our tactics to each other and play without mercy.
Be an active player!!: What is an active player?

1.Participate on Battlelog:
Let me know if you can't make it to a practice session or you know you wont be online for a while. Just prove to me online that you are an active player.

2.Participate on XBL:
You MUST be able to meet for a clan skrim AT LEAST ONCE A MONTH. Clan mass meets have been mostly on Saturdays around 12 east. We can add more times and days to accommodate others. If you're online playing BF3 when we do have a scheduled time to meet and you ignore my invite, that is an automatic kick from the clan. Zero tolerance for that crap.

3. Add the founder and all leaders to your friends list on XBL and BL
This should be common sense but apparently it is not. I will not know if you are playing with team members if you are not my friend on XBL and BL. It also makes it impossible to invite you to games.

Current XBL Leaders:


4. Have a head set:
Not a huge talker? That's fine, but you better be able to communicate to others to help them stay alive. If you're not a team player then what the hell is the point.

5. I reserve the right to make more requirements later.


1. Clan Tag:
I would love everyone to wear it but it's not a big deal to me if you don't. No offense taken.

2. Invites:
If we invite you to a game and you're not up to it that day feel free to ignore it (except on scheduled days). However, if I notice a trend you more than likely will be gone without some kind of explanation from you.

3. You are part of multiple clans?:
Good for you, I don't give a crap. Just meet the requirements and we are good. If I find out you are trying to recruit my members to another clan then kiss your ass goodbye.

4. Dont have the Best K/D?:
I will look at each person coming into the clan on a individual basis. So don't be afraid to send me a request to join.


I tried the route of not listing too many requirements but I have found that I am just having to kick people because they are doing nothing. This clan is to meet others and have some fun. My requirements are reasonable and fair. If you don't think so then this is not the place for you. All others are welcome. Lets go make some little kids cry and rage quit now!!

If you have any friends in other platoons who want a friendly scrimmage (or if you know of any other clans), let us know!


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