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Platoon Presentation

*There are no requirements for admission into N7 Academy, but we prefer you haveTeamSpeak 3 and a Mic.*

*TeamSpeak 3 Info*
PW: abc123

~What is N7 Academy?~

N7 Academy was created by the Elite N7 Spectres platoon to provide players the opportunity to dominate the
battlefield by having the privilege of learning N7 Spectres philosophy, strategy, and tactics.

~Whats the difference between N7 Spectres and N7 Academy?~

N7 Spectres is a group of players who are handpicked. Check us out here:

N7 Academy is the place where N7 Spectres teach and select new potential players.

~What will I learn?~

We will focus on strategies including, map control, proper use of vehicles, proper kit load outs and their
applications, objective prioritization, and adaptation.

~Are there requirments?~

Here are our list of requirements:

For N7 Academy:
1. Download TeamSpeak 3 (preferred not required)
2. Have a Mic (preferred not required)
3. Wear N7A tag

~How do I join N7 Spectres?~

In order to be considered for selection into N7 Spectres you must have the minimum graduation requirements:

1. You must reach Rank 31 (Squad Explosion Unlock is vital)
2. All MBT unlocks (CITV is integral part of N7 Spectres)
3. Javelin unlocked
4. Remain active during peak NA PST hours (19:00+)
5. Demonstrate that you’re not an asshole

*Waivers are available for exceptional members

~What if I never get those things unlocked?~

By being part of the N7 Academy you're not alone. The N7 Spectres will actively help you reach these goals. We
are dedicated to teaching you on how to become an efficient player on the Battlefield. Our goal is to make
Battlefield 3 a better place by educating other players to play the game correctly with heavy emphasis on teamwork.

~How do I join?~

If you are interested please apply to join and get in our TeamSpeak 3 Server during NA PST Peak hours (19:00+)
to talk to one of our N7 Crew.

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