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Welcome to Dynasty. Dynasty was created for elite players that want to win. Dynasty was created as a tribute to a clan that was dominant on Socom 2. There will be no tolerance for cheaters of any kind. All in all, its just about having fun. Feel free to comment on clan activities or questions about the clan or BF3.

Rules: 1. Have a mic.
2. Be respectful to the BF3 community.
3. Represent the clan.
More rules to come.

We are recruiting!!!

1 :You must be a team player.
2 : Devoted to our clan.
3 :You must have a K/D of at least 1.50.
4: You must have a W/L of 1.50.
5: You must have a SPM of 400 minimum.
6: You must have a Mic and speak English with ease.
rich cranium can approve you if your stats are lower.

Friends of Dynasty:

[DoJ] - Disciples of Justice
[JOIN] - Joint-R.I.P.
[OP] - Overpowered
[FAME] - Famous- R.I.P.
[DUY] - Death Upon You

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