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Welcome to the Anime Discussion Club! We are currently the largest Anime platoon on Battlelog for the Xbox 360 platform.

We here at the Anime Discussion Club aim to build a community that is suitable for all Anime fans to discuss anything Anime related. Ranging from simple recommendations, to everyone's favorite anime series, opening intro or ending outro, director, studio, collections people may want to share, anime related games, movies, ANYTHING. We always aim to keep the discussions as friendly as possible and always aim to have newcomers to have a wonderful experience in watching Anime.

If you like Anime and would love to discuss with people that also share the same interests as you, then join today and become part of our community!


This Weeks Recommendations From Our Community:

Yeah I'm Amazing - Eden of The East
Avenger - Vampire Hunter D (2000)
Ospreyinbound - Highschool DxD
GoldenGaurd772 - Blue Gender
Kuroyukihime - Angel Beats!
Caspian - One Outs

YouTube Channels:

Avenger -
Yeah I'm Amazing -
InfamousXNinja - Profiles:

Avenger -
Osprey -
Yeah I'm Amazing -
GoldenGuard -
Kuroyukihime -
FSB-Angel -
CaspianBorderCQ -
numb32 -

Our Favorite OP/ED Of All Time:

Avenger - OP: ZERO!! (Hataraku Maou-sama!) ED: Ichizu (Mushibugyou)
Osprey - OP: FMA: Brotherhood OP 2 ED: Little Busters
GoldenGuard - OP: Clannad Afterstory ED: K-on! ed 1
Kuroyukihime - OP: to the beginning (Fate/Zero)
Caspian - OP: Watamote

Misc. Videos That Are Anime Related:

What We Are Currently Watching:

Avenger - Ashita no Joe
Osprey - Ao no Exorcist
GoldenGuard - Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu
Kuroyukihime - Bleach
Caspian - Detective Conan

Anime News And Informational Sites:

Monthly anime for February: Pandora Hearts

(If you would like to be a part of the list and recommend an anime to the platoon, message one of the leaders)

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