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We hunt colonel 100's... U MAD BRO !



► J_Schlorf
► Magicobed
► McDeviLL
► Adultswim
► z-VeNoM-SkiLlZ-z
► cripboy7x



We are not a Clan battle type clan we hunt for those with the golden eagles only. If your a colonel 100 and want to challenge our members we will be there for your tag. Elite stealth squad dedicated to taking tags. Up Close and personal is the only way to kill, No Guns and ammo necessary... Long live the Knife !

By taking the oath of the Hunting your tags u MAD Bro? clan you have promised to do anything possible to get the mark. We will use spys to infiltrate the targets squad... Shadows to keep eyes on the target...We will Sacrifice our own lives just to get that Knife kill by a member. u MAD Bro? It is about the clan not the individual. When 1 celebrates a glorious Knife kill it brings honor to the clan. We respect an honor those who help us in our goal. Thanks to Our Jet pilots Helo pilots & Tankers etc. If you are not helping you are hurting...this will not be tolerated!

¤We honor those who have fallen to our knife and praise their dedication to reach Colonel 100 by adding them to this distinguished list. To those who are in the top of their loadout, vehicle, score or any other category out blade is honored to shed your blood and our hats off to you.



uMAD is a dedicated Knifing platoon. We stab people and take their dog tags. We strive to be the best and only want members who are great with the knife or willing to learn. If you would like to join, contact one of the Leaders. Add one of them on PSN and BattleLog and make sure they know you are applying to uMAD. You will need to play with at least three Leaders of uMAD and accepted by them. If you gain the approval of three uMAD Leaders, you will be admitted into uMAD. This is the only way in.

If you join uMAD, you are to play with uMAD. This doesn't mean ignore your friends. You are more than welcome to play other people, we just ask that you make it a point to play with uMAD regularly. You will serve no purpose to us if you just join and never play with us. If you fail to do so, you will be dismissed from uMAD.



- McDeviLL - 100 MBT Challenge. Bounty placed on his tags: $20 Winner Cripboy.
- Magicobed - 100 Tank Destroyer. Bounty for 1 $50 bounty for 2 & 3 to get him $20. Winner is Spiralout154 no second an third place winners..
- Chetripok - 100 colonel Bounty $20 Must be knifed 3 times in a round to win TBD
- Akillui - 100 colonel. Bounty $20 Must be knifed 2 times in a round to win TBD

Rules of the hunt Challenges:

► The Hunter : He cannot win by getting his victim on a revive it will not count, He cannot have some one help him on the victims team, for the multiple knife challenges a hunter must knife his victim as many times as specified by the the challenge it must be a knife take down.

► The Hunted: Cannot Stationary jump to avoid getting knifed he will be disqualified an will lose respect from some members of the clan, Jumping to avoid the knife is ok but no Stationary jumping, Hunted cannot camp on a corner in a building or any secure structure fight like a man your uMAD. If Victims is a specialist in a vehicle or aircraft if disabled to the point of explosion he must jump out an fight his way out no dieing with your vehicle if your able to escape, don't be a bitch show some balls, you are allowed to have body guards.


► Tank Destroyer's Knifed by us:

- octavio_crazydog
- Magicobed


► Mobile Artillery's Knifed by us:

- monsterukelele
- xx-_XMAF_-xx
- nuzzino


► Tanker's Knifed by us:

- Layzan
- Gamasu
- Xx-Zyler-xX
- Pni-Girl


► IFV Driver's Knifed by us:

- daylight187
- dye305


► AA Driver's Knifed by us:

- X-78_BOYZ-X
- kolozpolski ( reset )
- Kpectik
- DAISAN4649
- limon_max


► Attack Chopper Pilot's Knifed by us:

- dns-kbn
- xx144BMPxx
- JPT007


► Scout Chopper Pilot's Knifed by us:

- acidicghost
- MiguelZaibatsu


► Jet Pilot's Knifed by us:

- deehask
- Hostile_uk
- CyberRecon


► Assault's Knifed by us:

- East201
- SemperFudged
- InFamouS_HoSTiL


► Engineer's Knifed by us:

- R666eaper
- Independenence85
- Nixter_21
- derka57
- raltos1


► Support's Knifed by us:

- S_1_L_E_N_T_P_R_
- Muramasa91
- Touga_Aya_


► Recon's Knifed by us:

- Leon-871sio
- Fucttura
- aceace33333


► Other's Knifed by us:

- Sageer27 (#1 knife before reset)
- ElitestGamer (#1 highest score)
- Goalone (#2 highest score)

The players mentioned above are highly respected by us if they face us honorably. Those who send us hate mail for knifing them or get mad at us for hunting them quickly lose our respect. We hunt players because we want the challenge. We want the tags of the most respected players in the game. We take great pride in what we do and strive to be the best of the best. We will never back down from a challenge. We will battle anything you throw at us. We will come back for more until we have what we are looking for; Your Dog Tags.

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