LAEDO Spec. Ops
Tag: [STRK] Fans: 8 Created: 2012-04-20

Platoon Presentation

Due to the increasing skill of members across LAEDO Company a new regiment has broken free for the elites... SPECIAL OPS.
Spec. Ops is the elite platoon of LAEDO.Only the best of LAEDO are welcome.
Anyone and everyone is entitled to apply but unless there is a unanimous platoon decision you probably won't get in.
Any nationality is accepted, anyone can join (with enough skill), just apply! We have our own server for members of LAEDO and the public. Of course all members of LAEDO instantly become VIPs.
Finally, I would like to say a fond and proud goodbye to the LAEDO Land Contingent. Which may reappear in the future for those members who just prefer the ground. Thank you.

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