The End of MOB6
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Platoon Presentation

From the ashes of a burning clan, rises a new order within all who have been chosen to remain. You have shown your dedication, spat in the faces of those who oppose us, demonstrated your skill, conducted yourselves with discipline and in a mature manner and the list goes on. A_New_Dawn24 and thedoctor12x stand reborn to lead a new and ultimately greater clan in your service. Everything from a new name, to new tag, platoon page, emblem, website layout, members, to everything in between. The reputation surrounding our old identity was atrocious. The time has come to show that once and for the first time since our creation, that we are a force to be reckoned with. We stand ready and together to face you and you, and you. If you oppose us, stand ready to fall. We have let go of those that represented that old identity to its fullest. You know who you all are. DO NOT bother applying unless you plan to compete, remain hardcore, and ready to dominate. Henceforth things will be running swiftly and efficiently contrary to the stagnancy and embarrassment that plagued us before. So I implore you, come home to a strong, dedicated and ferocious group of men. We'll be waiting to fight alongside you on the Battlefield.

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