CSR Regulators
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CSR Bravo Squad - The Regulators!

Matches CSR Regulators Are Involved In

6/28/12 CSR vs DoWG : 4-4 Tie (4v4 Squad Rush)
9/07/12 CSR vs AnGi : Rescheduled Due To Internet Issues Of Players
9/13/12 CSR vs CBK : 6-0 Victory (4v4 Squad Rush)
9/15/12 CSR vs UBK : Canceled by UKO (8v8 Conquest)
9/15/12 CSR vs AMRC : NO SHOW By AMRC (4v4 Squad Rush)
9/16/12 CSR vs AYE : Canceled by AYE
9/22/12 CSR vs DVS : 3-0 Victory by CSR

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