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Welcome to the RxS main platoon page! This page is for those that wish to apply for one of RxS' branches. Think of it as a recruitment phase. There are NO minimum requirements to be a recruit. Just make sure you friend request xlDawn or OPNewSekai on Battlelog, and he'll get you started on your trial period.

During your Stay at RxS recruits, you may wear any tags or [RxSr] if you wish to do so. OPNewSekai or xlDawn will set up a time for you to squad up with one of our leaders (depending which branch you wish to apply for) so they can further evaluate your skills and ability to work as a team. The leaders will then discuss which branch of RxS you are best suited for, Or if you still need to work on certain areas to meet any minimum requirements for each respective branch.

If you dont meet any minimum requirements you are still more than welcome to stay at RxSr until you Improve and achieve the requirements.

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[RxS] Air-Squadron

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