The Dolan Knight Rises
Tag: [TDKR] Fans: 23 Created: 2012-06-20

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TDKR is a serious clan for players who are casual, but excellent. TDKR does not exist for the purpose of clan battles, but rather as a close-knit community of players who strive to be the best not only individually, but collectively in squads and on teams. While members of NBP usually each have their own very distinct specialty which they excel at, the exception of all members is that we are each more than simply one-trick ponies, and can diversify our skills across all aspects of the battlefield.

There are no specific/detailed requirements for application. While TDKR will view your stats to get a general understanding of your performance, TDKR is mostly concerned about proving yourself mid-game on the battlefield, among some of the best players in BF3. Do that, and consider yourself nothing but a pro.

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