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What is FraggedNation?
FraggedNation is a competition community of gamers specializing in Ladders and Tournaments for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, PC, PS3, and Onlive.

Go to [] to check out more of our ladders and tournaments for many other games.

BF3 (PS3) Game Director: x_MadMackie, BPageFootBall_93

Here are our PS3 public ladders:

**PS3 Conquest ladder
Head Admins: Mikeloof, eRoCcx, Edward-Hyde, and Yassir
Link: []

**PS3 Squad Rush ladder
Head Admins: Derk-234, Edward-Hyde
Link: []

**PS3 Pro Squad Rush ladder
Head Admins: Immenz_Climax, Immenz_Revkz
Link: []

**PS3 Close Quarters ladder
Head Admins: Edward-Hyde
Link: []

Help us to spread awareness and word of FraggedNation and our competitive ladders. If you see a competitive platoon who's not competing on FN, talk to them and tell them about us! Attract more people! More competition equals more fun and of course..

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