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Platoon Presentation

-Are you competitive?
-Do you like challenges, ladders, pro's, leagues, tournaments, prizes, and even playoff brackets?
-Join Gamebattles, and spread the word to other competitive gamers.

Over 250,000 members are on gamebattles more clans, and gamers wouldn't hurt.

Register Now:

-4v4 Squad Rush Ladder
-8v8 Rush Ladder
-12v12 Conquest Ladder
-PlayOff Brackets Start this month.
-This seasonal set up ends September 20th, 2012.

•Current Teams that are registered and ready for matches now on gamebattles 4v4 Squad Rush 2012 summer ladders:

-Blind Mice Clan
-[AiR] SR Team
-EpiK GaMeRz
-League Of Assassins
-The Reckless Kings
-Tactical Elite Squadron
-Game Changer SR Team
-Super Ninja Soldiers
-For Good Company
-Sons Of War
-Doraemon's Squad
-North America Militia
-Firefight Company T2
-Clan RAZA

•Current Teams that are registered and ready for mathes now on gamebattles 8v8 rush and 12v12 conquest 2012 Summer ladders:

-Sons of War
-House Of Torment
-[AiR] Rush/CQ Team

•Were bringing the ladders and the Matches to the gamebattles platoon.

~Summer 2012 4v4 Squad Rush Ladders Top 2 clans:
1st Place - [sOs] [skilLz oVer stAtz]
2nd Place - [AiR] SR Team

~Summer 2012 8v8 Rush and 12v12 CQ ladders Top 5 Clans;
1st Place - Empty Slot
2nd Place - SoW

Gamebattle Matches:
•4v4 Squad Rush (EpiK GaMeRz vs The Reckless Kingz) July 19th 2012 @ 8:30pm EDT
•4v4 Squad Rush (Blind Mice Clan vs Game Changer SR team) July 13th, 2012 @ 7:30pm EDT

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