U.S. Navy SEALs
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Platoon Presentation

Hello everybody this is the Platoon Navy SEALs.
This Platoon is only for the best of the best.The Navy SEALs represent the fight on land, water and air. And never give up. Whether by land by water or in the air they are the best of the best.
So if you want to join this Platoon you must certain some Special Requirements. Here they are:
-Have at least 18 Service Stars with the Assault.
-Have at least 10with the Engineer.
-Have at least 20 with the Support.
-Have at least 8 with the Recon.
In addition you must have the Mastery dog Tag (at Assault) at the follow Weapons:
-M16A3, AEK-971, FAMAS, AugA3, G3A3, and F2000. Moreover you must have at least 2000 Revives and M320 grenade launcher Mastery dog Tag and at least thats very important: 800 Kills with the knife or more!!
-The Mastery dog tag (at engineer) at these Weapons:
M4A1, G53, ACW-R. and at least 30 Kills with the M15 AT Mine, in addition 100Kills with Igla and Stinger and at least 400Kills with the FGM
-Have at least the Mastery dog Tag (at support) at:
M240B, M249, PKP Pecheneg, M60E4 and C4.
-Have at least the Mastery dog Tag (at Recon) at:
M98B and JNG-90. in addition 50 Kills with the MAV.
Now to the Vehicles
-Have at least 4 Service Stars with the MainBattleTank.
-Have at least 3 with the Tank Destroyers
-Have at least 4 with the IFV.
-Have at least 2 with the Artillery
-Have at least 4 with the Attack Helicopter.
-At least 5 with the scout Copter.
-At least 2 with the Anti Air.
-And at least 2 with the Jet.
Furthermore have a Accuracy from about 15% at least.
A K/D from at least 1,5.
And a Score per Min from at least 450.
You have to be at least Colonel Service Star 50.
Colonel Service Star 100 can join without complying the disclosures. {If they are good players ^^}
So If you meet all these requirements then you are welcome at the Navy SEALs!
In addition we will make Matches together.
Thank you for Reading And Have a good fight!

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