Undead Killing Masters
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome to the UKM platoon!

We are a platoon playing any and all gametypes, in core (normal) mode.
There are no requirements statswise to join the platoon, the only thing we ask is that all members play the objective and have fun. A mic, however, is mandatory, as well as speaking English or Greek.
Whether you are a good infantry player or vehicle player as long as you play to win and play fair you are welcome.

To avoid any unecessary drama, should there be any problems among members we ask that any member adresses one of the leaders to resolve it. Above all we want to have a good time without any conflicts; it has been this way so far and we will make sure it stays this way.

As a member, add as many UKM members as possible( if not all) on the PSN and on battlelog to make things easier.

The ClanTag [UKM] is mandatory when we play together, as well as switching to team Voip when there are more than 4 [UKM] members on the team.

Our clan server:

"UKM server RUSH/TDM/CONQUEST best maps"

Server rules are agreed by all members, therefore any member has a say.

Feel free to challenge us, we will give you hell and either win or lose.

Recent Match Results

UKM vs xGRx (Hellenic Revolution) 5-1 (friendly)WIN

UKM vs UAF (United Armed Forces) 5-1 WIN

UKM vs BKC (Black Colonels) 4-0 (friendly) WIN

UKM vs DxG (Dualshox Gaming) 4-1 WIN
(cause they are too ......... to announce it themselves here's the report: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/matches/view/2832654923139096954/ )


UKM vs 300 (300 Spartans) 4-0 WIN

UKM vs xDLx (www.deadly-legion.com) 4-0 WIN

UKM vs ALT (Alites) WIN (forfeit)

UKM vs GRME (Greek Marines Elite) 4-0 WIN

UKM vs DFGR (Dark Fights Greece) 3-1 WIN

UKM vs BKC (Black Colonels) 4-0 WIN

UKM vs X (eXecutioners) WIN (forfeit)


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