T90 Tank Driver
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for all who love the t90 tank

Designer: Kartsev-Venediktov
Manufacturer: Uralvagonzavod ( http://uralvagonzavod.com )

General Information:

Combat weight, t 48
Crew 3

Length with gun, mm:
Gun model 2A46M-5
Bore size, mm 125

Ammunition allowance 40

Ammunition type
Auxiliary armament: antiaircraft machine gun mount
Bore size, mm 7.62
Model 6P7K
Ammunition allowance, pcs 2000
Cartridges for antiaircraft machine gun mount, pcs 800

Fire Control System
Main gunner’s sight multichannel with sighting and thermal channels, laser range finder, built-in laser control channel
Magnification of sighting channel 4; 12
Max identification range of tank target via sighting channel, m 5000
Min identification range of tank target via thermal channel, m 3500
Max range measured by range finder, m 7500
Commander’s sight combined panoramic with television and thermal channels and laser range finder
Max range measured by range finder, m 7500
Parallel sight with dependent sighting line
Min identification range of tank target, m
by day 2000
at twilight 1000
Ballistic computer electronic, digital with a set of weather and topographical sending units and barrel straightness monitor
Automatic target tracking independently provided from the gunner’s and commander’s stations with “gunner-hunter” mode implementation
Weapon stabilizer improved two-axis with electromechanical power traverse and electrohydraulic power elevation
Guided weapon system yes
Min turret power traverse slew rate, deg/sec 40

Armour protection combined, with modular ERA and ERA panels mounted on rear and side projections
Screening system optoelectronic, against anti-tank means with laser homing heads and range finders
NBC protection system collective, with system PKUZ-1A
Electromagnetic protection system yes
-fighting equipment quick-action
Crew protection from secondary flux of tank fragments anti-fragmentation panels made of aramid fabric

Max speed on highway, km/h 60
Max fording depth, m 1.8
Max deep fording with USCE, m 5 (width up to 1000 m)

Engine V-92S2F
Power, kW (hp) 831 (1130)
Power train with automatic gear shifter and steering wheel control

Conditioner may be integrated on request
Auxiliary diesel-generator may be integrated
Min rated electric power, kW 7

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