The 509th Composite
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Platoon Presentation

Welcome all Members of DA_ManHaTTAn_pRojeCt_2!
CO-Founders- At0mic_ChRoniC / allmightyo

The 509th Composite Wing squad page
Squad Leader-At0mic_ChRoniC
2nd Leader-N/A

this is a sub divisin of da manhattan project 2. Mp2 is run with a squad system and this is the Air Superiority & Quick Response Force Squad page. If you wish to join Mp2 head to the main page to read the platoon presentation. If you can dig it then apply.

this squad will make exceptions on entry requirements for highly skilled PILOTS/GUNNERS

NAVY BLUE is our color and we WILL were this during Tournament play & Platoon wars. its your uniform try to wear it when u can

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