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Platoon Presentation

So there we are. People who play a game in the weekends when we are free from work. The world wide web in the late 90's brought us here. Games as Starcraft, Warcraft, Call of Duty, Quake, Unreal, Counterstrike, etc etc. Me myself i all played them. And many many more. But things change, and so does my love for computer games.

As some of us already know, company's tend to find new ways to get more money from us. This is okey, why not? Most places in the world are driven by economy and the urge of people to make more and more money. But something gone terribly wrong. This is why:

We as customers, take everything they sell to us. We even have to buy things we didn't signed up for in the start (like Premium). You should decide what you buy! Company's are trying to push it through our throats. So if i never would have bought Premium or the expansion some weapons are in, i wouldnt be able to play with the ACW-R for example. Is this fair? These things are unacceptable.

Other things alot of people struggle with are the cheaters. They promised us to deal with the cheaters. We would have had a report button possibility. Where's that now? Those promised things disappear as soon as the game is sold. I think that's just a scam. These things and many more things are just something we shouldn't accept.

Other things which also are just unacceptable is preorder the game online and then get the game as a download. Ye, we got the game then but we pay the same amount in money and don't got a nice CD or a box with the DVD's. And of course this other fact; The game gets launched and is full with bugs. Basically they earn alot of money with unfinished business. Than they start the development of another game (BF4) and they hope we all buy it again and yet this game also needs hotfixes etc, and is unfinished.

So if you think we as players should stand strong in a group against the million dollar / euro making company's join us. It's not a mission to break down Battlefield, it's a mission to stand strong together. To bring furth our goals via the forum, or to talk with the people from Battlefield 3 via Twitter and try to bring this to their attention. Even mail them whatever.

Hope to see you in the platoon, or just on the Battlefield.

Kind regards,


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