Frontline SpecOps
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Platoon Presentation

We founded this platoon with the goal of recruiting mature gamers who play to win and as a strong team.

The ultimate goal is to be a force to be reckoned with in any situation, and use knowledge and tactics to overcome situations and preferably gain some convincing wins.

We are made up of guys from 26 upwards, most of us have families but like to kick back, have a lot of laughs and play the game the way we believe it is meant to be played.

We don't consider ourselves a clan as such, and have no order of heirarchy amongst members, everyone plays to their strengths and the way they want to play the game, providing they can contribute to the objective at hand.

We welcome all applicants over the age of 20, and will consider younger gamers on the premise that they can demonstrate a level of maturity in keeping with what we consider to be an adult nature.

If this appeals to you then feel free to send requests either via Batlelog or on Xbox live to the "Founder/Leaders" of the platoon and we'll get you involved in our games whenever you're ready.

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