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Platoon Presentation

Dedicated to the 4 strangers that were always their for each other in the line of duty.

Fubar : The broke old guy, always loved playing with 16 Year olds
Godzilla: The UltraTryHard who hates losing
Gummi: The one who thinks hes good but isnt, plus that nigga went missing for 2 months then came back and everyone left
and last but not least
Chicken: The 16 year old we all loved to play wit but hated that he was on our team

its has been a blast fighting along side you 3 we've shared some really good laughs threw out the past 500hrs or so. I new this day would of eventually come but hey it was fun while it lasted. ❤❤❤❤

much love to each and eveyone one of you..........hopefully one day we can all squad up and play again.

"You got to remember the good things, and cherish the memories and go on with life cus it don't stop. " -AvA

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