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Platoon Presentation


This is the main FfC Comp team that will be playing on Conquest: 12v12's and 5v5's!

This team is invite only directly from FfC base community. To be considered for this division you MUST first apply on our website, be accepted in base platoon, and then invited to FfC Comp team looks at multiple factors before acceptance into platoon. Team chemistry (35%), Match reliability (25%), Activity on sites (20%), Skill/experience in game (15%), Attend meetings/practices (5%). All of these factors are taken into consideration when accepting.

FfC Comp members please be on time for matches. If you sign up and confirm please make all efforts to follow through with attendance. No shows, late cancellations, will result in kick from FfC Comp.

FfC Comp members please check Battle Log regularly for announcements on matches, new members, and checking platoon presentation under upcoming matches.

Competitive Leader/Rank 1 Officer (PSN): FfC-Th3_Butch3r
Email: FfC-Th3_Butch3r@firefightcompany.com
Skype: scans007

Contact: FfC-Th3_Butch3r to schedule a match (12 v 12)

Contact: UNholy_SeReNiTy for 5v5 (scrim or FN)

You can also submit a "Challenge Form" through the website: http://www.firefightcompany.com/forms.php?do=form&fid=2

Our match hours:
Monday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (5v5 only)
Tuesday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (5v5 only)
Wednesday-- Interclan practice OFF
Thursday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (5v5 only)
*Friday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (CQ and 5v5)
*Saturday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (CQ and 5v5)
*Sunday-- 8:15-10:00 PM EST (CQ and 5v5)

*Availability is the highest

**We do not play any earlier or start any later than these times preferably**

All matches are listed and scheduled in EST time zone.



Clan Ally: TG Black Sheep


**Comp team is currently looking active and skilled jet pilots**


Upcoming Matches:





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